HONALEC - Power System Simulator - HES 8050 with SCADA System.


    HONALEC Offers HES 8050 Real Time Power System Simulator (RTPS) Hardware with SCADA System Designed For Power Engineering Education & Training.
    HONALEC - Power system Simulator - HES 8050

    HONALEC HES 8050 PSS is the Miniaturised Real Power System Inside the Organised Laboratory works under Power frequency based low Voltage, covers the functions of Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Utilisation of Electrical Power. The modelling of this simulator is from generation to far off locating utility center. The Measurement, Protection and Control features are the functionalities of real power system in practice. The simulator is Operated, Controlled & Monitored by IED's & are networked to the SCADA System - Load Dispatch Control Center. This simulator works with 3phase AC. 400 Volts 50/ 60 HZ, The power handling capacity of this simulator is 10KVA for LPS model, 20KvA for the integrated model.

    This simulator functions are validated by using MATLAB simulink and Digital Realtime Simulator.

    The Functional Groups of this simulator includes:
    • Power Plant Module
    • Generator Synchronization and load sharing Module.    
    • Generating station switchyard Module.    
    • EHV/UHV-AC Power Transmission line Simulation Module.    
    • Receiving station switchyard Module.    
    • Power Distribution Simulation Module.  
    • Power Utility Simulation Module.   
    • Renewable Energy Generation and Integration to the Grid Module.
    • Energy storage & Electric Vehicle Charging Module.
    • SCADA System to HES-8050 PSS with Load Dispatch Control Centre.
    • Work station 1 - Real time Data Acquisition & Storage system for power system analysis.
    • Work station 2 - For operation control of HES-8050 PSS with SCADA

    FEATURES  of Power System simulator HES-8050

    • Real Power Generation & Syncronization of alternator with F,W,Q,V control features.
    • Transformation using power transformer.
    • Power Transmission line simulation EHV/UHV for uncomponsated / componsated transmission line.
    • Shunt Reactor, Shunt capacitor and series capacitor VAR compensator models are switched with electro mechanical breaker features.
    • Flexible AC Transmission line  with TCR, TCR+FC & TSC Control features.
    • Generating Station / Receiving Station / Substation automation features with bay controller and SCADA System features.
    • FAULT simulation (symmetrical & Unsymmetrical at various location of the simulator ).
    • Protection of Generator, Transformer, Transmission line, Feeder and Motor protection feature.
    • Pre fault & Post fault Recording features.
    • Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) application features.
    • Multifunction measurement (Voltage, current, Frequency, Active Power, Reactive Power, apparent Power & power factor) at various locations of simulator.
    • Hormonic power generation & measurement & mitigation features.
    • Optimum Real Power Delivery, Voltage & Reactive VAR management features.
    • Nonconventional energy (wind & solar) power generation and integartion to the grid features.
    • Energy storage & Electric vehicle charging features.
    • Peak Load & Demand site load management features.
    • Residential, commercial, and Industrial load simulation (Resistive, Inductive, Capacitive, Electronic Load, Lighting Load & Dynamic Motor Loading) Features.
    HES - 8050 PSS helps as a laboratory tool for teaching Power Engineering in simplified approach. This simulator is converged with power engineering practice and standards of the industry. Power system engineer works with the simulator feels himself working with real power system in practice. Hence Students undergoing training with the simulator will help them to get immediate employment oppurtunities.

    Engineering Instituiton if they Establishes their Power System Laboratory with HONALEC HES-8050, REAL TIME Power System simulator Hardware & SCADA System wil be the most informative and advanced learning platform available in the world for Power Engineering Education & training.


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